Green Coffee Bean Extract For Busy People

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Generally, if you are over eighteen years old, not a pregnant or nursing mother, and do not have any known medical condition, you can gain benefits from green coffee bean extract. But, if you intend to lose weight, but you do not have enough time for to exercise regularly, then you will see how you can really benefit from it.

But, how is green coffee bean extract different from the conventional coffee? If you want to lose weight, why not just drink a lot of coffee every day? To produce the conventional coffee, coffee beans are roasted, which is the reason why conventional coffee tastes good. Roasting the beans makes coffee less bitter. On the other hand, to produce green coffee bean extract, the beans are left unroasted. Instead, they are soaked and concentrated to make the extract. And, this roasting of the beans makes all the difference. When the beans are roasted, they lose a significant amount of chlorogenic acid, a substance known for its weight loss and antioxidant properties.

Now you may ask how can a person like you - a person who wants to lose weight but just cannot do so because you do not have time to do regular exercise - benefit from green coffee bean extract? The thing with the extract is that it contains a significant amount of chlorogenic acid, which has been proven by various studies to help burn fat naturally without changing your diet and without changing or adding exercise to your daily routine. In fact, in a 2012 study published in The Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal, 16 adults who took green coffee bean extract for 12 weeks lost an average of 10.5 percent of overall body weight and 16 percent of overall body fat. The results were significant even if the participants did not undergo any dietary changes and exercise programs.

Losing Weight With Green Coffee Extract

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Throughout the last years, the market was invaded by various weight loss supplements based on green coffee extract. That is, mainly, because, compared to other herbal weight loss supplements that have several ingredients in their composition, none very effective on its own, these supplements proved to have immediate and long term benefits in weight loss, beauty and not only.

Why Using this Coffee?

Usually, on the market, the available coffee beans are roasted and ground in order to prepare the drink we all love. This special coffee, being used raw, keep their weight loss properties intact.

One of their compounds, the chlorogenic acid, is very useful in weight loss and it is a fat burner. By roasting the beans, almost 75% of this acid is lost, and, with it, the extract green coffee's weight loss properties too. That is why you need this special coffee in order to lose weight and not just any coffee.

How to Use this Supplement and What to Expect from It

Exotic Coffee

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There are two types of coffee beans: the coffea robusta and coffea Arabica. Experts tell us that the quality of a coffee is dependent on the conditions of the areas the coffee beans are growing and cultivated and the process of producing the coffee. There are few ideal locations where combined of the best conditions can produce the best exotic coffees.

Arabica coffee beans were originally cultivated in the southwestern mountains of Ethiopia, Yemen, and Kenya where it got its name Arabica. Presently, Arabica coffee beans are in some tropical regions such as Indonesia, Colombia, and Brazil. It grows best in mountainous areas and more susceptible to pests. It thrives best in low pH soil, lighter shades, rainy, and with 20 degrees centigrade temperature. For best results, its coffee cherry beans must be harvested at its maximum ripeness, goes through the right processing, grading, roasting, grinding, and packaging. To achieve the desired aroma and flavor, it must follow the right way of storing and brewing of the coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans make milder and lesser bitter coffee.

Robusta coffee beans have the ability to grow in low or high altitudes like Indonesia, Brazil, and Vietnam. These coffee beans have twice the volume of caffeine than the Arabica coffee beans which are ideal for high caffeine blends. The beans are smaller and darker. It is characterized by a very bold body with less acid.

Coffee Storage

Though it will not melt or sour like other treats in your kitchen, to get the best tasting coffee you need to store it well so it maintains its flavor and freshness. Coffee that is not properly stored will lose a significant amount of flavor, at a faster rate than you might expect. If you have invested in a particularly fine coffee, like a package of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, you do not want to lose its fine qualities! Following these simple tips should help you to protect this little luxury and brew beverages that are even more delicious.

Store Your Beans Whole

Though it requires a little extra work on your part, buying whole beans rather than grounds can make a world of difference in freshness. The reason behind this is surface area; ground coffee exposes to air much more surface area than compact beans, which makes it susceptible to the air. Increased exposure means that freshness will be lost at a more rapid rate. You can think of it like a tiny version of sliced apples; the parts of the apple exposed to open air will begin to brown very quickly, while the insides remain white. And, a whole apple (like a large coffee bean) will stay fresh for a considerably longer amount of time. Thus, for optimal levels of freshness, you should hold off on grinding your beans until just before you are ready to brew.

Choose the Right Container

The Best Coffee for Each Time of the Day

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Having a regular coffee routine can be like reaching the calm in a storm. It allows you to relax, gather your thoughts, and rejuvenate your mind and body to a more alert state. To get the most pleasure and benefits from these moments, it may help to know which kinds of coffee you should be drinking, and when. Here are some basic guidelines that you may wish to follow to help each of your days feel a little more special.


When you first wake up is arguably the most important time to get your coffee routine right, though some mornings you may feel as though any source of caffeine will do! It is better, however, to put a little thought into the beverage that kicks off your day. Many prefer a milder flavor to ease them into their daily routine, and luckily there are a few mild tasting coffees that still have enough kick in them to get you going. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in particular is well known for its mild, smooth, yet still complex flavor. Because the beans are cultivated in the cool and misty climate of the Jamaican Blue Mountains, the acidity is low, and as a result the brew you make from them is one of the most drinkable on earth, with or without cream and sugar. Choose either this or another low acidity coffee to wake yourself up kindly, without a bitter shock to your system.


How to Recognize Good Quality Coffee

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Good quality coffee comes in four roast categories: regular, blends, flavored and organic. Because coffee roasts are sold with many different titles under a lot of different brands, choosing the right one really wants is more difficult.

To start with, regular is defined as a single-origin and single-named coffee variety bean that is roasted to varying roast levels. For example, the beans would all be just one of the following: Arabica beans, Robusta beans or India beans.

Blends are combinations of two or more different varieties of coffee beans. These beans may be blended before or after they have been roasted to varying roast levels. The reason for blending is to create new flavors or to add body or crema. They may also be blended to keep the flavor consistency when new crops of the same bean are used. The best definition for blended is it is a mixture which is mingled inseparably.

Flavored are beans that have been roasted and are sprayed with flavoring. Coffee that has been flavored may have inexpensive beans or it may have lower quality beans. The quality of the flavoring may be strong to create the tastes and aroma to other foods by contact with surfaces used previously to hold flavored coffee.
Fair Trade beans are organic. Organic Free Trade coffee is currently being exported by 23 countries around the world. They include those from Asia are Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Indonesia and East Timor. African nations of Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya sell Fair Trade coffee. In Central and South America Free Trade coffee comes from Colombia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Paraguay.

How does this help you recognize good quality coffee? Fair trade is always organic coffee that is sold to coffee companies and roasters. They roast these beans in a way that brings out their unique flavor. Some of these beans are Robusta beans that are often looked down on as not a quality bean. While some beans like those from Ethiopia, Peru and other parts of South America may be Arabica beans. These beans are said to be a better bean and do not have as much caffeine in them as the Robusta.

Where to Find the Best Coffee in the World

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There are a lot of different opinions on what the best coffee out there is, as well as what defines a great cup of coffee.My wife and I have asked friends, family, and our coffee drinking companions around the world what they consider to be the tastiest coffee. As you can imagine, we have gotten a lot of different answers. We will share with you what we have learned, and the varieties that we have come across in our journey; then let you be the judge.

Your opinion and thoughts on this subject are very important to us and we would appreciate all of your comments, both good and bad, regarding our choices. Please tell us what your favorite coffee is. We'll start with our first "tastiest coffee" choice included on our list of 5 premium coffees, and we will review them all as go.

Private Reserve Kona Coffee

Give this Extra Fancy Kona Coffee a try. This is the highest grade of Kona coffee beans, not to mention the rarest type of Kona coffee available. You will discover a coffee that is full bodied and bursting with wonderful flavor! This is called the Private Reserve Kona, you can only get this from the Koa Plantation. It is simply not available anywhere else.